How Fair is the FUP?

A simple calculation will show how fair is the FUP and who benefits out of this policy

حسبه بسيطه تبين عدالة قانون الاستخدام العادل ومن المستفيد منها

1- 1Mb users

1Mb = 10.55Gb per day, being capped to 1.7Gb means


so instead of getting your full speed the same link will be sold to 6 clients including you, after paying they will benefit from your share to resell to others because you are a pirate

لمستخدمي ال 1 ميقا

هذه السرعه تمنحك 10.55 قيقا يوميا لكن المزودون قرروا تقليصها الى 1.7 قيقا يوميا بمعنى


بهذه الحاله يستطيع المزود ان يبيع الاشتراك الواحد على 6 مشتركين جدد بمجرد انه اقتطع من حصتك ليبيعها عليه

فيكون قد ربح قيمة 6 مشتركين ولم تكلفه سوى قيمة اشتراك واحد دفعها احد المشتركين

لماذا ؟ لانك قرصان

2Mb = shared by 8 users

3Mb = shared by 8 users

4Mb = shared by 9 users

5Mb = shared by 10 users

6Mb = shared by 10 users

7Mb = shared by 11 users

8Mb = shared by 11 users

للتاكد من المعلومات السابقه قم ببساطة بقسمة السعه المسموحه لك حسب سرعتك على قدرة التحميل اليوميه الكامله لتجد انك تدفع قيمة اشتراك يشاركك فيه مالا يقل عن 5  مستخدمين اخرين قاموا بدفع مبلغ كامل مثلما فعلت

To make sure that the statistics are right, simply divide your original daily bandwidth limit by your daily capped limit to find out that you are sharing the same link with at least other 5 clients who paid exactly what you paid for a full speed.


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11 Responses to How Fair is the FUP?

  1. Pedram says:

    الله يعيننا
    يعني اللهم يوتوب و شويه اونلاين جيمنج راحت جيجا

    انشاله تنحل المشكلة باقرب وقت

  2. Ahmad_Alamri says:

    This is the mean point ..
    I already told Qnet guy on Facebook what you just explain above.
    His reply was : ” If we gave the 1 MB user 10 GB bandwidth it be unfair ..”
    Also I told him at least you make a precentage out of this maximum amount 10% or 20 % but he said the rules dont apply!!!!!!!!

  3. BaShaBeSho says:

    شنو هذا
    صراحة ما توقعة الغش يوصل لهذا الحد
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  4. Lulu says:

    this is pure robbery!
    يعني بوق اشكره نفسهم ماشفت و ياليت على سنع، خدمه نفس البشر ولا الاتصال الحين بخطوط الفايبر اوبتيك
    الله لا يحللهم على هالunfair use policy

  5. MaDMo0D says:

    Madre shagool….’3eer enna el 3nad ra7 yerkab rasy zood

  6. esz says:

    And the truth started to come out. Good job guys! Keep up the good work. They are the ones who let us investigate them instead of MOC. 😛

  7. Khaled says:

    ياجماااااعه ترا هذا البوووووق عينة و علمة الناس تتطور و احنا نرد قري ؟؟ .. شدعوا علينا يبا و طبعًا الكل ذاكر لما نزلو المنحة الأميرية بفبراير شركات النت كلة زادت اسعارهم و حتى بمعارض انفو كونكت الي المفروض تكون اقل و ارخص هم اغلى , ياجماعه والله ااحنا المستهلكين معطين هالشركات وية لازم كل واحد يشوف عقدة ويا الشركة ولو هذا يقاضيهم و قواكم الله عالمجهود الطيب يا شباب و استمرووووووو

    • juggler says:

      دز لنا نسخة العقد ونخلي المحامي يقراه ويعلمك شنو موقفك القانوني بالضبط وشلون تقدر تتصرف :]
      وانشالله نرد للناس حقوقها

  8. Conceptr980 says:

    I would like to share an example with all of you if im allowed,

    lets assume that you just bought a car = your pc , p3, xbox or any other device which requires internet connection …etc

    in case for the car to run and perform you need to fill it out with gas = Internet Service subscription or renewal ( any device is useless without internet today and basically you cant live with a computer without internet)

    you just stopped at the gas station, the man tells you that you can fill your car gas tank today for 10 dollars and if its done you wont be able to fill it out again and come back tomorrow (Internet Reset) and the reasons are the following:

    -increase the severity of the accidents = piracy (illegal movie downloading)
    -increase pollution = piracy (illegal music downloading)
    -increase traffic = piracy (illegal downloading of games)

    you will be shocked and reply,:
    how iam suppose to do the following :

    – how i suppose take my car to the service or workshop = pc, ps3 or any other electronic device updates and patches
    -how im suppose to go to work , school ,or university = iTunes or you tube HD
    -how i suppose to go and buy my stuff from the mall or eat from a restaurant = Steam or Xfire online Game store

    logically speaking it doesn’t make sense meanwhile instead building more roads and making the ppl aware that speed might lead to death or a penalty and pollution is increasing all around the world they just refuse to fill your car with gas.

    if we apply the exception regarding to the ppl who are speeding and increase the severity of the accidents = Internet Pirates, ok they do exist we cannot deny that, but you still cant stop that guy from filling his car with gas meanwhile if he got captured speeding (illegal internet Activity like downloading 5TB per day) that user would be flagged as an abuser but you cant stop filling cars with gas if you are suspicious that a guy may make an accidents so to prevent this from happening i wont fill cars with gas only once.

    abusers they do exist and you cannot stop them, its like a policemen without a thief (what is the use of the policemen then). in conclusion, you cant stop piracy if there is a way to stop them, USA or Europe would apply it long time ago and don’t tell me that we found a way to stop that and the modern countries didn’t thought of it.

    i hope that it would be another good example of the current situation regarding to those new policies, what they are doing does not make sense at all and as mentioned in a previous post that they are applying this to increase the number of users without spending single penny for new equipment and bandwidth. business with high demand and less spending = huge net profit

    best regards, and i do apologize for the long story.

  9. IBurnQ8 says:

    اللأسف النصب مسموح بالديرة

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