Yes caps exist in Europe and America … BUT!

For a while the ISP’s in Kuwait were trying to justify their greed by the silly excuse of the bandwidth capping is all over the world and nobody complained, today we came by a juicy post by Caffeinated on 360dewan so we thought we would share it with you

يتعذر المزودون وبكل استخفاف بعقولنا ان الكبح مطبق في جميع الدول المتطوره في اوروبا وامريكا ليبرروا جشعهم في سياستهم المفروضه على المستخدمين , قام احد المدونين بعمل جدول يبين السرعه+السعر+السعه والحكم لكم

Thanks to Caffeinated for his effort

Link to article رابط المقال

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7 Responses to Yes caps exist in Europe and America … BUT!

  1. esz says:

    Thank you for this post!

  2. Ahmad_Alamri says:

    I heard just now that the MOC is considering suing the 4 companies !!
    حيلهم بينهم

  3. juggler says:

    we also as clients have the right to sue them too, we just want a big amount of clients so we can take them down :]

  4. Conceptr980 says:

    “In the United States, price fixing can be prosecuted as a criminal federal offense under section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act.”

    they just took part which they can benifit of and leave the rest of the procedures like they dont exist. if they want to follow with the modern contries as they claim, follow everything not one part.

  5. amartuvshin says:

    What happened to the new fiber cable and more ISP companies… it looks MOC changed its mind. I doubt someone is benefiting from delaying the project!

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