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8 Responses to Team

  1. TheAggressor says:

    Thank you for your efforts. How can I help?

    • MBH says:

      You could scan & email your contract with the ISP. You can remove all identifying info except: First name and year of signing the contract.

      When you email us, you can include your phone number in the email so we can call you to reach you in case we needed you for a legal task.

      Thank you!

  2. TheAggressor says:

    That’ll take some doing, I may have misplaced my contract. Will keep you advised.

  3. esz says:

    MBH, can you please fix the twitter link to Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim. It should be @Ibrahimism instead of @ibrahimsm. Right?! So people can follow him on twitter.

  4. q8othug says:

    im preparing a written documents on steps to attack the ISPs. to whom shall i send it to ?

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